What is Shiro?

Shiro has been a dream for a small group of individuals; We were frustrated at how most Discord bots do not have utilities that a server administrator might require or need. We want to provide flexibility as well as easy deployment onto your server. Shiro does that for you!

We took notice in the Discord.NET library and found it interesting enough to pick up on the language for fun and educational purposes.

Features Description Status
Administration A featured administration control panel at your fingertips.
Plugins A robust plugin system that is easy as counting 1-2-3, drag and dropping it in the plugins folder. Easy setup.
Logging A rich logging system that brings you a lightweight and most feature rich logging system on Discord.

Lets go, Shiro Bot!

Just check us out on GitHub!

Like our Shiro?

We currently have an open repository where anyone can start contributing and create pull requests. Head on over to Shiro Github to start.

Proper documentation coming soon.